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40902 Plug-in Battery charger

40902 Plug-in Battery charger
2-3 business days
40902 Plug-in Battery charger
Plug-in Battery charger

charges up to four AAA/Micro or AA/Mignon and two 9 V batteries
AA/AAA: 2x 500mA 9V: 2x 15mA
- suitable for NiCd and NiMH rechargeable batteries
- switches off automatically after eight hours thanks to integrated safety timer
- charging current (AA/AAA): two 500 mA
- charging current (9 V): two 15 mA

Technical specifications

- suitable battery size: AA (Mignon), AAA (Micro), 9V Block
- max. charge time: 8 h

- Security Functions: Security timer

Device connections
- Input, type: Euro male (Type C CEE 7/16)
- Input, Voltage Range: 100 - 240 (AC) V

- Packaging type: Retail Box
- Color: black
- Material: ABS
- Markings: WEEE, CE
- Operating temperature from: 0 °C
- Operating temperature up to: 25 °C
- Length: 106.5 mm
- Width: 69.6 mm
- Height: 29 mm
- Weight: 120 g

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  • Stock: 2-3 business days
  • Model: 055-1230
  • Weight: 141.00kg
  • Dimensions: 90.00cm x 70.00cm x 125.00cm
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