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NEDIS CKIT910VA Car Audio Connection Kit 800 W

NEDIS CKIT910VA Car Audio Connection Kit 800 W
2-3 business days
NEDIS CKIT910VA Car Audio Connection Kit 800 W
Car Audio Connection Kit 800 W

Install an amplifier in your car with this audio kit and enjoy excellent sound coming from your stereo installation.
- All parts included to install a car amplifier
- Establishes excellent audio signal transfer
- Cable type: Speaker
- Kit type: 800 W
- Packaging: Blister
- Length: 5.0 m
- Cable design: Round
- Conductor material: CCA

Package contents:
- 1x 8GA red power cable 5m
- 1x 8GA black ground cable 1m
- 1x 16GA transparent speaker cable 5.2m
- 1x blue RCA cable (copper) 5.2m
- 1x 18GA blue remote turn-on cable 5.2m
- 1x loom tubing 1.8m
- 1x AGU fuse holder
- 1x 60-A fuse
- 2x 8GA ring terminal
- 2x 8GA spade terminal
- 2x small spade terminals
- 10x black tie
- 1x black grommet

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  • Stock: 2-3 business days
  • Model: 233-1080
  • Weight: 938.00kg
  • Dimensions: 285.00cm x 55.00cm x 245.00cm
Ex Tax: 24.14€





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